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Sailing Program

2 hours - Private Sailing Coach

From beginners to advanced sailors

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Group Coaching


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Fly Pelican Fly offers sailboat rentals in Miami.

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Our sailing class and rentals are taught by dedicated and experienced sailors. Using proven teaching strategies, they make sure that every student finds a path to success. Each sailboat rental includes confirmation of skills on the water to keep everyone on the water safe.


We embrace a learning environment that will prepare you for the path ahead. Our sailing class and rentals incorporate traditional learning styles as well as hands-on experiences. Our sailboat rentals are a great option for patrons who want to get back out on the water.

Our Mission

Fly Pelican Fly Sailing Club is a non-profit organization which was founded with the goal of introducing our community, especially young people, to the world of sailing. Our coastal waterways are a hidden treasure; a world we truly love but is often taken for granted.

Fly Pelican Fly Sailing Club aims to educate our community and help provide on water access to those who would like to experience these coastal waterways for themselves. Our focus is on creating scholarship opportunities and educational outreach to schools and communities that have traditionally been underserved in areas of water access and activities. As we grow, our goal is to continue to set up more accessible sailing locations. By providing these services to our community, we hope that more people will appreciate what a truly beautiful place we live in. In return, they will respect and protect our natural resources.